Banned 'B' Word! 70 Kid-Approved Boredom Busters for Non-Stop Family Fun

Ah, the dreaded "b" word—boredom. It's the refrain every parent knows all too well, especially during school breaks. "Mom, I'm bored!" used to echo through my house relentlessly. Even though I'd filled my son's days with a treasure trove of fun ideas, the complaints persisted.

That's when I decided to take a stand. We banned the word "bored," and instead, we embarked on a mission to make every day an adventure. I encouraged my son to explore, create, and learn in exciting ways that didn't involve chores or screens. It was all about sparking his imagination and discovering new horizons together.

Now, I want to hear from you! What are your family's secret weapons against the boredom blues? Share your go-to boredom busters in the comments below, and let's build a collective resource of inspiring ideas for endless family fun!

But first, here's our carefully curated list of 70 boredom-busting activities that have been kid-tested and parent-approved:

Activity Description
Roller-skating Glide around the roller rink.
Trampoline park Bounce, flip, and soar to your heart's content.
Visit a botanical garden Explore the beauty of nature.
Miniature Golf Putt your way through a mini-golf course.
Drive-In movies Enjoy a cinematic experience under the stars.
Matinee movies Catch the latest films at the afternoon show.
Redbox movies Rent a movie for a cozy home theater night.
Go Karting Race around the track in go-karts.
Dave and Buster’s Combine food, games, and fun in one spot.
Beach Dive into sun, sand, and surf.
Lake Fish, swim, or paddle away on a serene lake.
Bowling Roll for strikes at the local bowling alley.
Laser Tag Engage in laser battle adventures.
Knott’s Berry Farm/Soak City A day of thrilling rides and waterpark fun.
Legoland Immerse in a world of colorful bricks.
Aquarium Explore the wonders of underwater life.
Disneyland Experience the magic of the happiest place on Earth.
Universal Studios Dive into movie magic and thrill rides.
Raging Waters Splash and slide at the water park.
Six Flags Conquer roller coasters and attractions.
Karaoke Night Unleash your inner pop star.
Local Summer Fair Savor fair food and enjoy rides.
Picnics at the park Enjoy a meal in the great outdoors.
Story time at the library Dive into the world of books.
Story time at Barnes and Noble Explore literature at the bookstore.
Swimming Take a dip in the pool.
Hanging with Friends Share laughter with buddies.
Board Game Night Challenge each other with classic games.
Make your own Pizza Get creative in the kitchen.
Spa Day at home Pamper yourselves with DIY spa treatments.
Hikes Trek through scenic trails and embrace nature.
Gymnastics Learn flips and tumbles at the gym.
Craft Classes at Joanne’s/ Michael’s Unleash creativity in craft projects.
Cooking Classes at William Sonoma Master culinary skills.
Bike riding Explore the neighborhood on two wheels.
Local Zoo Encounter fascinating creatures.
Gymboree Play and learn at this kids' gym.
Tour local farm Discover farm life and animals.
Apple Picking Harvest ripe apples and enjoy them later.
Music Classes Create melodies and rhythms together. (mothers of preschoolers) Connect with other Moms and arrange playdates.
Scavenger hunt in the neighborhood Find hidden treasures.
Canvas painting Unleash artistic talents on canvas.
Jumping Rope Keep active with this classic game.
Playing hopscotch Rediscover old-school sidewalk fun.
Create a Vlog Document your adventures on video.
Free Concerts in the park Enjoy music under the open sky.
Kids eat free at select restaurants Savor a meal out without breaking the bank.
Summer Camp Enroll in themed camps for hands-on learning.
Vacation Bible School Explore faith through activities.
Fly a Kite Let colorful kites soar in the wind.
Visit a museum Delve into art, science, or history.
Redecorate your room Give your space a fresh new look.
Have a yard sale Clear clutter and earn pocket money.
Set up a lemonade stand Become a young entrepreneur.
Set up a used book stand Share the joy of reading with neighbors.
Visit a senior center Brighten a senior's day with a visit.
Start a garden Cultivate plants and watch them grow.
Start a club eg. Book club, game club, cooking club Bond over shared interests.
Have a car wash for the neighborhood Clean up cars and make new friends.
Take pictures and start a scrapbook Capture memories and get creative.
Walk the dogs in the neighborhood Help furry friends stretch their legs.
Make your own soap, candle or bath bomb Craft delightful creations.
Make necessity kits for the homeless Assemble care packages for those in need.
Donate to the local food pantry Give back to the community.
Home Depot/ Lowe's workshops Attend hands-on DIY workshops.
Learn a new language Start a linguistic journey together.
Make a fort out of blankets and play with your siblings Imagination at its finest!
Play hide and seek Rediscover the joy of classic games.
Write and mail a letter to a family member that doesn’t live with you Share love through handwritten notes.


With these fantastic boredom busters at your disposal, boredom doesn't stand a chance in your household! Share your family's favorite activities and let's keep the fun going. 🌟🎉

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