Meeting Your Teacher/Therapist: Navigating the First Sessions of Early Intervention

Embarking on this journey of early intervention is an exciting time for both you and your child. You're about to meet the dedicated individual who will be working closely with your child, guiding them through significant developmental milestones. This initial meeting sparks a multitude of questions and expectations - will the connection be strong? What unique approach will the teacher or therapist bring to enrich your child's growth?

The First Session: A Gateway to Understanding

The first session is a vital introduction. It's the moment where you get to know the teacher or therapist, understanding their methods and how they will assist your child. They should provide insights into what to expect during the upcoming sessions and the role you'll play in this collaborative effort. It's an opportune time to share any concerns you might have and update them on any new information from the Individualized Family Service Plan (IFSP).

Nurturing Growth: Techniques and Involvement

Throughout each session, the teacher or therapist engages your child in play while demonstrating various techniques and ideas to achieve the goals outlined in the IFSP. They'll offer valuable suggestions and activities for you to continue at home, ensuring a cohesive approach to your child's development. Typically lasting an hour, a significant portion involves interactive play that encourages learning and growth. The remaining time is dedicated to essential paperwork and discussions.

Home-Centric Services: Family as the Foundation

Early Intervention services are thoughtfully designed to take place in the comfort of your home, the most natural and familiar environment for your child. This approach centers around the family, actively involving parents or caregivers in the process. Beyond therapy, these services encompass family support and valuable parent education. It's a holistic approach that nurtures not just the child but the entire support system around them.

Embrace this journey with an organized approach. Keeping a notebook and calendar handy helps you track notes and appointments, ensuring a smooth and informed progression throughout this early intervention voyage.


Tip: Your involvement is key. Actively participate, learn, and grow with your child through this journey. You are an invaluable part of their progress! 🌱💖

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