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Early Intervention Village

Early Intervention Village: Sensory Buckle Pillow Zipper Toy for Toddlers 1-3

Early Intervention Village: Sensory Buckle Pillow Zipper Toy for Toddlers 1-3

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At Early Intervention Village, we understand that play is more than just fun; it's a vital part of a child's development. That's why we're thrilled to introduce our Sensory Buckle Pillow Zipper Toy, specially crafted for toddlers aged 1-3.

This delightful, multi-sensory toy is designed to keep your little one engaged while enhancing their fine motor skills and problem-solving abilities. It's perfect for travel, helping your child stay happily occupied during long plane journeys. Additionally, it's a great choice for autistic kids, offering sensory engagement and comfort.

Key Features:

  • Multi-Sensory Delight: Our Sensory Buckle Pillow Zipper Toy offers a range of textures and buckles for little hands to explore, making it perfect for sensory development.

  • On-the-Go Fun: This travel-friendly toy is a lifesaver for long trips, keeping your toddler engaged, happy, and calm.

  • Skills Development: As your child navigates the zippers and buckles, they're developing vital fine motor and problem-solving skills, setting them up for success.

  • Comfort for All: Designed to provide sensory comfort, this toy is particularly beneficial for autistic kids, creating a soothing play experience.

Give your child the gift of exploration and skill development with our Sensory Buckle Pillow Zipper Toy. Join us at Early Intervention Village and embark on a journey of play and growth. Order yours today!


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